General Terms and Conditions

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General terms & conditions

1. Booking and Payment
All tours must be reserved in advance. Reservations can be made in writing or through the Internet. Day trips and walking tours can also be booked short term by phone. A reservation becomes a booking after confirmation by TooT.
a) Walking tours and day trips:

The confirmation will be delivered if possible by E-Mail before the tour starts.
Additional agreements (special wishes, agreements, etc.) changing the extent of the contractual obligations need to be confirmed by the tour operator.
b) Chauffeur tours:
The tour confirmation will be delivered by E-Mail before the tour starts. If we don t receive the requested advance payment within the set time frame, TooT has the right to cancel the tour confirmation.
Additional agreements (special wishes, agreements, etc.) changing the extent of the contractual obligations need to be confirmed by the tour operator.
1.3. If the content of the TooT travel confirmation differs from the content of the guests travel request the contract is made on the basis of the travel confirmation.
a) Walking tours and daytrips:

Payment may be made by cash or bank transfer. All fees possibly arising are paid by the customer.
b) Chauffeur tours:
Payment may be made by cash, check, bank transfer or credit card. All fees possibly arising are paid by the customer.
1.5. TooT has the right to ask for a payment in advance. This can be up to 100 % of the total tour price.
1.6. All payments shall be made in Euro ( € ). If this is not possible payments in any other currency are converted at the current exchange rate of the day of payment.

2. Performance
The contractual performance of the tour operator depends on the binding offer specified in the brochure/homepage as well as the travel documents in particular of the travel booking and confirmation.
2.2. Luggage is transported to the usual extent, this means a maximum of one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage per person.
2.3. Travel route, date and performance may be changed after commencement of the journey in agreement with the tour operator.
2.4. TooT will always make every effort to adhere to the planned departure and arrival dates but cannot guarantee these. However, should delays occur TooT is not liable for the damage or inconvenience resulting from this delay.
2.5. In exceptional cases, other means of transport than the vehicles provided by the tour operator may be used for transport.

3. Rebooking, Third Person Traveller and Cancellation by the Customer
Right up to the start of the journey the traveller may request that a third person enter into the rights and obligations of the travel contract. TooT may object to the third person's entrance, if he/she does not meet the special requirements for the journey.
3.2. The customer may at all times before the start of the journey cancel the journey booked. In any case the traveller must give written notice that he/she wishes to cancel the journey. TooT is entitled to compensation depending on the date of when this notice is received and confirmed by TooT. If a customer notifies TooT that he/she wishes to cancel the journey or if a customer does not appear at the start of the journey TooT may charge a flat rate in compensation in accordance with the following percentages of the price given on the confirmation:
a) Private City Guide cancellation:
Cancellation received more than 14 days before the tour date and all cancellations within 24 hours after booking confirmation: 25 EUR service charge + incurring charges.
14 days prior to departure: 50% of the price
3 days prior to departure or less and no shows: 100% of the price
b) Day Tour and Transfer Service cancellation:
In order to confirm this service we request a deposit of 200 € which is not refundable.
46 days prior to departure or more: Forfeiture of deposit - also in case of partial cancellations
45-15 days prior to departure: 50% of the tour price (minimum 200 €)
14 days prior to departure or less and no shows: 90% of the tour price
c) Multiple Day Chauffeur Tour cancellation
In order to confirm a multiple day chauffeur tour we request a deposit of 400 € (2-4 day tours) / 600 € (5-8 day tours) / 800 € (9 and more day tours). Due to the fact that all our tours are customized is the deposit not refundable.
91 days prior to departure or more: Forfeiture of deposit
90-46 days prior to departure..... 30% of the tour price (minimum deposit)
45-15 days prior to departure..... 50% of the tour price
14 days prior to departure or less and no shows..... 80% of the tour price

As soon as the customer has started the tour, refunds or changes are no longer possible.

We recommend obtaining cancellation insurance.

4. Cancellation of the Journey, Changes in Offer and Price
TooT may withdraw from the contract at any time without any compensation.
4.2. If by force majeure e. g. natural disasters the journey is made considerably difficult, endangered or affected both parties may terminate the travel contract. In case of termination TooT may claim an adequate compensation for travel services rendered or due to be rendered. Apart from this TooT is obliged to provide transport for the return of the customer to the departure or final destination of the tour. Both parties are to carry half of the additional costs arising from the return transport. In other respects additional costs are charged to the traveller.
4.3. TooT can withdraw from the contract the withdrawal taking effect immediately if a traveller disrupts the travel process considerably in spite of reprimand or if he/she does not follow reasonable instructions. In such a case TooT is still entitled to the payment of the travel price. In other respects this does not affect claims for damage.

5. Warranty and Remedy
If travel performance is not in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract the traveller may demand remedy, if it does not require a disproportionate expense. Remedy is made by removing the travel defects re. by an equivalent substitute performance. Remedy is made under the condition that the travel performance which was not rendered or was not in agreement with the terms and conditions of the travel contract is due to circumstances which took place after the completion of the contract and was not caused against all honesty and better knowledge.
5.2. The traveller may demand a reduction of the travel price it he/she reports the defect of the journey to the travel guide or to TooT directly. If the traveller fails to report the defect for which he/she is to blame he/she is not entitled to a reduction of the travel price.
5.3. If the journey is defective and if TooT does not provide remedy within an adequate period of time determined by the traveller the traveller him-/herself can redress the defect and can claim compensation for the necessary expense. Setting a time limit is not necessary if TooT refuses to provide remedy or if a special interest of the traveller justifies his/her helping him-/herself immediately.
5.4. If a journey is seriously affected by a defect the traveller may set an adequate time limit for remedy. If the time limit elapses unused the traveller may terminate the contract. The time limit is negligible if remedy is impossible, is refused or if the immediate termination is justified by a special interest of the traveller. The same applies if due to the defect the traveller cannot be expected to continue the journey for important reasons and reasons recognisable to TooT.
5.5. In case of justified termination TooT may claim compensation for the travel performance which has been rendered or which is to be rendered to complete the journey.
5.6. Without prejudice to reduction or termination the traveller can claim for damages due to default unless the defect was due to circumstances not to be accounted for by TooT.

6. Limited Liability
The contractual liability of TooT for damages other than bodily harm is limited to three times the amount of the price of the tour
6.1 in so far as a damage to a traveller was not deliberately or grossly carelessly caused or
6.2. in so far as TooT is responsible for damage to a traveller merely because of the fault of an agent.

7. Obligation to Participate
The traveller is obliged to participate if performance is disrupted to avoid possible damage or to keep damage low. The traveller is obliged especially to notify the travel guide of defects without delay. If the traveller fails to follow these obligations through his/her own fault he/she is not entitled to a reduction.

8. No Claims and Time Limitation
The traveller must put in claims against TooT for a journey which was not performed in accordance with the terms of the contract within one month after the completion of the journey as stated in the contract, in writing in his/her own interest. After this time limit has elapsed claims may only be made if the traveller was prevented from keeping to this limit without his/her own fault. All claims arising from the travel contract are limited to a period of 6 months after completion of the journey. If the traveller puts in claims within 1 month after the completion of the journey as stated in the contract time limitation is delayed until TooT objects to the claims in writing.

9. Passport, Visa, Customs, Foreign Currency and Health Regulations
The passenger him-/herself is responsible for adherence to passport, visa, foreign currency and health regulations. The traveller must carry the burden of any disadvantages resulting from failing to adhere to these regulations even if these regulations should be changed after the booking.
9.2. Persons who are not in the possession of valid documents for crossing the border and for identification, whom the border officials will not allow to continue the journey or because of whom the crossing of the border is considerably delayed as a result of invalid or incomplete identification documents are neither entitled to transport services for the continuation of the journey or for the return journey nor are they entitled to a refund of the travel price or any other additional costs arising.
9.3. Goods to be declared are to be put through Customs personally

10. Changes
On publication of new prices and terms and conditions the respective offers and regulations are no longer valid.

11. Invalidity
The invalidity of individual terms of the travel contract does not result in the invalidity of the entire travel contract.

12. Venue
Court venue is D-74595 Langenburg

13. Insurance
We recommend to insure yourself against accident, loss of luggage and cancellation fees.

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